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Rolling chassis

1977 CB550F

It’s rolling and looking good. I’m hoping to start on the new wiring harness, and work out the battery and electronics mounts this weekend.


Coming together

I got a bit more work done on the bike tonight. I installed the steering head and mocked up the forks, installed the carburetors with new insulators, B bands, and pod filters, installed the foot pegs, side stand, swing arm and new shocks. This is the fun stuff, when you see it coming together quickly. In the second picture, you can see the new stainless steel allen head screws on the clutch, valve and breather covers.

Once it’s back on wheels, I’m going to start making a new wiring harness from scratch. The wiring on the bike is not up to par, and a stock harness won’t work since I’m relocating the battery and electronics under the seat cowl.


Progress! The engine is back in the frame. I finally finished painting and polishing the engine, I put in a new oil pan gasket to fix a small leak, and replaced the external engine bolts with a stainless steel allen head bolt kit I bought from for $25, they look great.

My front wheel has been trued, mounted, and balanced, but I had some issues lacing up the rear wheel that forced me to remove all the spokes and start again. I’ll try and drop it off for the same treatment as the front later this week, hopefully it’s right this time.

Frame and wheels

I got the frame, swing arm, center stand and side stand back from powder coating, and they look great! I laced up the rims with the new stainless steel spokes, and I’m going to try and drop off the wheels and tires tomorrow to be trued, mounted and balanced.