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Getting close

I’ve been busy! I finally got all the right parts to replace my front brake line with a stainless steal line, and my brake light sensor with this tiny bolt integrated sensor. I’m also ditching the dual gauges in favor of a single tach with an integrated speedometer. I shopped around for these for some time but they all seem to cost around $500, so I am making my own with a tiny GPS sensor, a micro controller to ping the satellites for speed, and three 7-segment LED’s to display my speed. I already built this setup on an electronics breadboard as a proof of concept and it works great. I also created a new gauge faceplate in Photoshop and brought it to a commercial printer to have it printed on heavy card stock.

The picture of the seat shows the dense foam I’m using for the seat and the tank plug to fill the hole in the tank where the original seat used to sit. I’m going to wrap the foam in marine vinyl and sew heavy Velcro on the bottom to fasten it to the fiberglass.

The last picture shows my new tail/brake light mounted and wired up, and my refurbished and relocated rear LED blinkers.


Paint and exhaust

I was finally able to start on the paint job. In the shot above, there are three coats of brilliant silver, and five coats of clear. I’m going to give it a week to cure, sand down any orange peel, shoot it with two final coats of clear, wet sand one last time, then buff out the finish. Painting requires a ridiculous amount of patience that I don’t normally have, but I am pretty happy with the outcome so far.

Since the bike is getting close to how it’s ultimately going to look, I figured it was a good time to show a side-by-side comparison of where it was and where it is now. I think I’m hooked on bike building, I’m positive that this will not be my last project bike.

The third shot above shows what I worked out for the exhaust bracket that I lost when I cut off the rear passenger peg braces from the frame. The bracket is for handle speaker mounting, and I paired that with a length of steel that I drilled and painted.