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  1. Jason on

    Great looking bike, I was wondering about your speedo and gps. Would love to hear more details. Also your bike, I was wondering about the carbs. My 77 has different carbs and I plan to switch to the older style with the manual choke lever. Anyway I was wondering if you ever have to replace throttle push and pull cables and if you had any part numbers.
    Take care

  2. cb550 on

    Thank you!

    The choke on my carbs is on the side of the carbs and does not use a cable. I didn’t want a cable since I was trying to minimize how much I had to mount on the handlebar.

    I’m building the speedometer using an Arduino Pro mini micro-controller, a small GPS module using digital I/O pins and a software serial library, and three seven segment LED’s to display the speed. I wrote the software to ping the GPS every second, parse out speed and pass that to a display function that parses the number out to the two, or three if I hit the ton, LED’s to display the speed. It works great on a breadboard, but I think I’m having some ground issues when I solder it together.

  3. Jason on

    Thank you for the reply, I was wondering what kind of exhaust are you using on the bike? Also with the 4 into 1 and pod filters did you have to re-jet the carbs? If so what main did you end up using?
    I like your speedo sounds great, nice to keep the front uncluttered.

    • cb550 on

      The bike was a factory 4 into 1, but I believe the exhaust “can” is after market. It came with the bike, so I’m not sure who makes it.

      With all that extra air moving through the intakes and exhaust, the carburetors did need re-jetting. The mains are 115.

      I’m hoping to dive back into the speedo project this summer.

      Don’t forget to post a link to some pictures or a blog of your project.

      Good Luck!

  4. DB532 on

    Great build. I’m looking for a simple taillight like the one you used, Where did you get it? Also the Fiberglass rear is one of the best ive seen, was this your first time?

    • cb550 on

      Thank you! The tail light is a Radiantz Puckz:

      This is my first bike build, but the seat came with the bike purchase, though I modified it by shortening it by about 2 or 3 inches, shaving the vinyl snaps, and raising it up and tilting it forward slightly to give it a more aggressive stance.

      You can get a newer version of the seat from Carpy for $120.

      Here is what it looked like when I purchased the bike:

      and with my modifications:

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